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Industrial Drone--Mythos From TOVSTO Has Received Much Conce

News 2016-07-30

New Industrial Drone-- Mythos, manufactured by Shenzhen TOVSTO Technology.
On 16th, Nov,the first day of CHINA HI-TECH FAIR ,the exhibition position of Shenzhen TOVSTO Technology Co. Ltd. was quite crowded when the exhibition hall opened at 9 o’clock. Many leaders from all industrial of our country came to our booth and showed their kneen interest on Mythos, and our 10 staffs were very busy. Many guests from Xinjiang, Shanxi, and the Northeast of China, had made some appointments with TOVSTO and visit the company, and they’re looking forward to cooperating with TOVSTO.

Provincial and municipal leaders spoke highly of Mythos after they learn the details of it. They also praise that TOVSTO has made great contributions to the plant protection.

When Mythos first appeared on CHIF, it has attracted many people.


The guests can learn about the modular design of Mythos. It can use only flying system with three different subsystems to achieve three different functions of drones,that are plant protection,aerial pictures taken and wire stringing.

One of the leaders from Xinjiang said, he has seen many kinds of industrial drones. There is no problem when they’re working, but they still meeta few difficult problems during the practical application. They’re quite difficult to install and even can not do anything all day. TOVSTO has caught this pain point of the market and make a break through. It will make realistic particularly for Xinjiang province which owns large acres. Finally, this leader has made an appointment with TOVSTO to visit the company.

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